Random conversation between a married couple.

Man: Give me the keys!

Woman: Puts her hand in the bag to find the keys and gives it to the man.

Man: I forgot to get a pen along. Do you have one by any chance?

Woman: Looks for a pen in her bag and finds one. Gives it to the man.

Man: I forgot my wallet in the car. Do you have card/cash with you?

Woman: Opens her bag and finds card/cash to pay.

Man: Surprisingly, I feel thirsty today. Did you carry the water bottle?

Woman: Opens her bag to fetch the bottle and hands it over to the man.

And, a conversation between couples with kids goes something like this ( every time they go out)

Woman(in her head): I hope to have taken all that the baby needs.

Baby: Begins to cry for no reason.

Woman: Takes out the feeding bottle from the bag to feed the baby.

Baby: Continues to cry for no reason.

Woman: Takes out a soother and puts it into the baby’s mouth.

Baby: Soils the diaper.

Woman: Pulls out another diaper from the bag to change.

Baby: Spills the milk on the dress.

Woman: Takes out a spare dress from the bag to change. (If the child is a toddler it still continues, with n number of chocolates,cookies, a few toys and stuff.)

With all these apart, as men continue to be men, women also continue to be women! Come what may, women need to carry certain things with them, like a lipstick, a hair brush, shades and the cell phone of course. Husband, babies and family doesn’t really matter when it comes to these. There are of course a lot more that women carry in their bags but the above mentioned are kinda bare necessities if I must say.

So, with these plus the baby’s stuff and the husband’s stuff , all stuffed in a single place, the couple reaches home and the woman tries to find the keys to open the door.

Man: Why does it always take so long for you to find the keys in your bag? I don’t really know what you stuff in it!

Woman: Stares back at the man,and tries to say nothing. Manages to find the keys and throws herself on the couch as they walked into their home.

Sometimes I really wonder how a bag can hold so many things at a time.It is indeed mysterious. Ask for anything, and it is there in the bag. Its almost like carrying a miniature of everything at home when away from home. The only thing that I jus wanna say at this point is : ‘Handbags‘ , we love you! 🙂 and to the man/woman who invented it, we love you more! 🙂


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