Mind- A very indefinite term and hence would like to define ‘it’ as a part of a person that thinks, reasons, feels, imagines and also remembers. This little part of the human body plays a big role to control the body. It is this part of the body that makes us (the humans) different from the rest of the living creatures on this wonderful planet called Earth. Now, we do a lot to nourish this part of the body right from the birth. Parents play a pivotal role in upbringing this significant part of the humans. Trust me on this one. Anything you say to the child makes an impact on the mind during the early days of growing. That is when the mind starts to think… well, not sure of thinking but it sure does begin to imagine. As kids, we wouldn’t think much about the brain, mind and imaginations that flow but listen to all that is being told and try to get a vague picture of it in our head.

Now, moving from kids to parents, parenting in itself is a challenging task. May be it wasn’t a few decades ago, but now it certainly is. Every word you utter should be thoroughly thought and felt before you say it to the kids these days cos you never know when your words and your thoughts would backfire you. But back then parents just said anything what they felt like with out giving a thought about the consequences and would also manipulate the statements as per their needs and situations. I believe kids of late 80’s and early 90’s can sure relate to this. We were often told that we could see ghosts in the night, and mostly in the places where it is dark. We were also told that any house that looks old and rusty with all the cob-webs around is a haunted one, which I still happen to believe :P. And in India, it is also believed that ghosts dwell in a tamarind tree. I have no clue as to why they chose a tamarind tree of all the other trees, but yes! there are tales of ghosts in a tamarind tree, which have been passed on over the years to all the generations and yes, I too am one of them. So, every time I see a tamarind tree, I try to look for ghostly figures draped in a white cloth hanging around! (jus kidding:D).

All these were told to us for a reason by our parents and mostly to their advantage. So, as I was growing I was always afraid to go in the dark. Even if I were to go from one room to another to fetch a book or water or for whatever, I would take my sister along. Slowly she learned that that was my weak point and started bullying me over it. Every time we went in the dark, she would always scare me saying there is a ghost around. She never let go any opportunity. If it was a home alone kinda time for us, she would keep humming some tunes of the horror movies until i began to cry. There was one funny thing about the horror movies. They didn’t seem ‘horror’ to me while watching them, but the after effects were pretty bad! After watching the Anaconda series, she would always be hissing around like a snake at home, especially at nights after the lights go off and everyone has fallen asleep. Eventually, certain things were getting registered in my head with out my knowledge. Sometimes, even if she fell asleep, I would still hear a hissing sound of a snake and ask her to shut up. Only then would I realize that it was my imagination.

Here is once such incident that I would like to share, about how imaginations grow in a person’s head. One day, it so happened that I happened to watch a suspense-thriller kinda movie which was pretty much bloody with a lot of crime and murder scenes shown explicitly, inappropriate for my age then. But, since a few of my friends had watched it already and insisted on me watching it, I went on to do so. There was one scene in the movie, where a man’s forehand is chopped off and thrown away. With this and many such brutal clips, I managed to finish watching that movie. A few days later, at around 8 or so in the night, my mum asked me to get something from my neighbour’s, (I don’t exactly remember what it was) who lived in the same apartment as mine. I was a lil hesitant to go out in the dark, but managed to get out cos I didn’t want my sister to make fun of me. The streets were well lit, so I happily went to my neighbour’s and while walking back home, the real terror awaited. I saw a chopped forehand thrown in my apartment’s corridor and screamed as loud as I could. Everyone rushed out from their homes to see what had happened and asked me why I had screamed so loudly. I showed them the ‘thing’ lying before me and told that someone’s hand has been chopped off. Everyone burst out laughing when a man lifted the ‘thing’ in his hand and told me that it was just a rubber hand gloves and not a forehand! I too had my share of laugh cos I had very little to say after what had happened and walked back home.



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