The best things in life are free!‘  A few years back when ever I heard people say this, it hardly made any sense to me. May be because I was in college mode then and also because everything that interested me came with money. Be it the books or transportation or eating at the cafes or topping up your mobile phones or shopping or outing with friends, the list goes on. That was all that my mind could think of at that age probably. As the days have passed, I have realized that there is more to it. It’s true that one grows old with time. You don’t just grow old, but with it comes a sense of responsibility towards life, towards all that is yours, your thoughts mature and your attitude towards life changes. (And by this I do not mean to say that you kill the child inside you and you need not be very old to realize a few things).  Time has made me realize that “The best things in life are free”.

There are certain things that could sooth your mind, no matter how bad your day is/was or how irritated your mood is/was, or it could boost your already elated and happy soul a lil more,and they are absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is to take some time of your day to notice and appreciate the beauty of nature that exists around you. These things definitely work for me and hence the thought of sharing it. Hope at least one of these makes someone’s day!

The rising sun: I am an early bird, no matter which day of the week it is. Childhood had its own reasons for me rising early but now it’s so different. The first reason I tend to wake up early is that mornings are so serene and calm.(calm because my lil one is still asleep). I admire the silence at home. Eventually, enjoying this tranquility became a habit, and to add to this, one day I heard someone knocking my window and when I saw who it was, it was one of the most magnificient creations of god playing peek-a-boo amidst the coconut trees. That very sight of the sun amidst the rustling leaves of the coconut trees lightened up the rest of the my day and has continued to do so since then. Now this is yet another reason that makes me want to wake up early.

Petrichor: No matter what man does, he still cannot stand strong before the nature. He might have come up with hell a lot of fragrances (perfumes/deos) to sooth the soul and make you feel good, but trust me nothing can replace this earthly scent. When the first few drops of rain just hit the ground, the petrichor evokes all the hidden senses in me and brings a smile on my face. May be this is what would make you want to dance in the rain!

Birds Chirping: These happy little souls are not just happy to themselves, but they also make sure that all those who listen to them are also happy. If not for being happy, they atleast bring a smile on ones face. A lot of birds migrate here during summer. If there is something that one could feel good about the summer, I think it has to be the chitter-chatter of these birds. These shy fellows barely show themselves, but they sure are fun to listen to.

Sea/Ocean : Now what do I say about this mighty beast! There is no one who can not be in love with the sea. It’s never tired of roaring all day and night, and never tired of sending those huge warm hugs your way to make you feel great if you are feeling good, and to make you feel good when you are feeling low. (the waves). The waves roar, but it still is melodious, something that you want to listen over and over again. A mighty beast and a therapist to any kind of soul!

A baby’s smile: There is nothing much for me to say about this. A baby’s smile can perk up anyone’s day. These cheeky little things know nothing much, but are pretty much talented in drawing a curve that can set most of the things straight. What I have learnt over the years is that these tiny little creatures have made that curve (which is so precious to us and which we all think twice before using) contagious.

A clean home?Coming back to a clean and tidy home from work is everyone’s desire, and this of course is also free of cost. Who wouldn’t love to go throw oneself on a neatly made bed for a sound sleep. But having a toddler at home and expecting tidy rooms?? Ummm… I think, some things come with money, some are free of cost and some?? some things may never happen or may happen after the toddler turns a teenager. 😛 I’ll wait!


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