Hair, tress, mane, locks, curls… When being read, these words put us, women in a totally different world. I feel, women share a very close relationship with their hair, like a bonding for eternity kinda stuff. I don’t really know why, but if your hair feels good, you feel good from within. Just like the saying ‘look good feel good‘ . You feel beautiful and confident of yourself, of your appearance. I must admit that I am pretty much obsessed with my hair and it looks like I have passed on the legacy to the next generation at home already!

My 3 year old girl, apparently made me realize that the hair care product ads are the ones that are showcased the most in the global market. She once asked me, “Mamma, why is it that they always show girls twisting and twirling their hair on the TV and why is it that they always apply some cream or oil or whatever to their hair? Why do they all have such long hair? When am I going to have such nice and beautiful hair?”. Questions from these lil ones are endless. And then she adds to it that she wants hair as long as Rapunzel, which instantly wakes up the mother instincts in me to tell her that she would get all that thick, long and black hair only if she ate all the vegetables in her plate everyday.

I haven’t met any woman so far who is happy/satisfied with her locks. The ones with long hair wants to shorten them and the one with short wants long locks. Women with flyaway hair try hard to boost the hair volume and women with thick hair try to make them appear less in volume. Women with curly hair would want to have straight and silky hair and the vise versa. And, if by chance you have the right length, right thickness and the right texture that you wished to have, then your hair will find its own way to dissatisfy you when you need to work it out your way. I’m not of the kind who relies on make up to look good. All that matters to me is good and well behaved hair that sets the way I want them to. I believe that once the hair is set right, one would look good no matter what you wear. Every strand of hair matters to me. Now, when you’ve got to attend a party or any event, that is when exactly that your hair is alert and takes an oath of not letting it be the way you want them to be for which you have to work for hours and hours to set them right. Unfortunately, this has happened to me hell a lot of times!:( Well, almost everyday I must say.

Now, men find it hard to understand the whole scenario. In fact, I’ve been asked about this many a times that what is it with hair and girls. It’s a little difficult for me to explain, or must I say that they just wouldn’t understand because it doesn’t strike the right chord with them. But, men sure have annoying ways to mess up the already messed up locks.

This happened a few months back at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. It was nice to see all the good old friends with their kids after a real long time. All smiley faces, and the hall was full of chitter-chatter filled with laughter. But, I could spot one grumpy face among the lot, and she was my good old friend. She seemed to be a little irritated with something. So, I asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine but mad at her husband. Then, I went on to ask her more, as to why was she so mad at him for which she had this to say: “When I am at home, not for once does my husband notice my hair. And when I have been slogging all day with my hair, shampooing, conditioning, straightening the length and curling the ends to make them look perfect for the party, the Romeo in him was awakened. He wanted to romance me and run his hands through my hair when my hair was set just right!!”. So, I told her that she was no less prettier than Juliet and his reaction was quite an obvious one :P. It did lighten up her mood 🙂 After telling that to her, a thought just struck my mind. “What if my hair had been messed up? ” Let alone being upset, I probably wouldn’t have attended the party at all! 😀

On our way back home, I told my husband about what just happened and after listening to the narration he asked me if I was hinting him to be aware the next time. I smiled and looked away letting the silence speak. After-all, silence speaks more than words 😛


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