It’s always hard when it comes to decision making, specially those of the kind that are life changing. Some decisions leave behind nothing but the regrets for lifetime, and some, a sense of satisfaction for having made it. Who would ever know when making a decision, that it would change the whole course of your life? Now that’s ‘The Butterfly Effect’. (The butterfly effect is a concept that small causes can have large effects. Initially, the term was used with weather prediction, but apparently went on to become a metaphor used in and out of science). I don’t know if it’s always about the decision making, for I believe that certain things or events are destined to happen. Are the events that cause the butterfly effect destined to happen? Has it already been sealed by the fate?

This is one incident that disturbed me a lot. This happened to some one whom I know and used to meet almost every day. There are a lot of animal lovers. This girl was one of the kind.Immense love  for animals. She was always sympathetic towards the stray dogs and cats. One would always find her feeding or cuddling them when she was on streets. No one knew that her love for animals would lead to a frightful disaster. She was fond of driving too. One night her family had planned on a dinner at a restaurant. When her dad was about to start the car, she insisted that she would drive, inspite of her dad denying repeatedly. Her father gave up and she was behind the wheels, all set to go. She was a fine driver and everything was smooth until she saw a stray dog being hit and injured by a vehicle on the other side of the road. She told that she was distracted by what she saw and the only thing that was on her mind was to help the dog. She lost control over the car and hit another vehicle ahead of her. That was all she knew. When she gained her senses, she heard that she had lost her dad in that accident. She and her brother survived with some injuries. She couldn’t take up her final exams that year. She lost an academic year and her beloved father forever. Every thing in her life changed ever since then. The only thing she would think after that incident was that wish she hadn’t driven the car that night. The worst not for her to witness. Was it that one decision that changed her life or had the fate already sealed it? I don’t know!

History has witnessed many such butterfly effects. Not necessary that the effect always needs to be bad. There are a few good butterfly effects that I can think of to pen down.

The Lego bricks : The story of the Lego bricks company goes something like this. Christiansen, a carpenter from Denmark started a company which manufactured wooden toys. He called his company ‘Lego’ which means play well in English. He made wooden toys for the kids to play with. One day, I don’t know if we should say fortunately or unfortunately, his factory which manufactured the wooden toys caught fire and burned down completely. Now who knew such a disaster would be a turning point in someone’s life. It was Christiansen’s creativity that helped him recover from the disaster. He wasn’t disheartened after the incident. Instead he took the opportunity to show his creativity in making toys with the material that had just then hit the market. “Plastic!”. He started creating little bricks with which one could build models of little houses which went on to become popular all around the world in no time. Those little bricks are nothing but the interlocking bricks or as said in the most common language- the building blocks. Had the wooden toys factory not caught fire, then may be we wouldn’t have played with the interlocking bricks today. Now who knew that a butterfly effect caused in Mr. Christiansen’s life would affect me too?😊


I feel pleased to be a part of this butterfly effect somehow today cos these interlocking bricks keeps my lil one busy and also to stay away from me for a while! 😛

Adolf Hitler : That one name in the history which brings chills when heard. It was under his dictatorship that the world probably witnessed the most inhumane acts in mankind. Hitler wished to be an artist, but his father wanted him to make a successful career by attending schools. Hitler deliberately performed poorly at schools hoping that his father would let him drop out of his school so that he could devote himself to his dream of being an artist. After his father’s death, he worked as a casual laborer and eventually a painter to make a living.

Something happened after this that changed the whole course of his life and made a mark in the history for everyone to remember. The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna received an application from an aspiring arts student twice, and rejected that application both the times. That aspiring arts student was none other than Adolf Hitler. He had moved to Vienna with his mother to study fine arts. After having been rejected by the academy, Hitler lost his mom too. He ran out of money and was forced to live in slums.Being influenced by the local newspapers he read, it was at that time he became anti semitic. From there he joined the German army and the rest … as they say is history.

images (1)

I just think of one thing: “What if the Academy of Fine Arts had accepted the application of that aspiring arts student?”. Rejection of one application made the whole world quiver.

Some incidents, some self made decisions, some destined, all change the course of our lives as well as others. How I wish all the butterfly effects were only good!


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