Somewhere, in the corner of our minds we all wish for a life that is like a fairy tale. Hoping for something magical to happen, some dreams to come true, some wishes being granted just by giving it a thought, prince charming to come riding on a white horse, to believe in miracles (cos its been said since ages that ‘miracles happen, but only to those who believe in them’), basically a lot of fanciful things, period.

This, rather seems silly to many, substantially to a fair number of men, and in particular to the men I know. I was once watching the movie King Kong on the television when a friend of mine pinged me. We started conversing with standard questions like How are you? What’s new? What are you doing? kinda stuff. ( I call it as template questions). So, when asked what I was doing, I told him that I was watching King Kong. And his reply to that was something like this-

He: Lol 😀

Me: Why?! What’s so funny about it?

He: No, nothing!

Me: U must tell me what it is! What is so funny about me watching the movie?

He then came up with an explanation to it saying he didn’t laugh cos I was watching the movie, but cos of the girl in the movie. So, I asked him what is so funny about the girl anyway? He said, girls are so silly that they can even fall in love with a gigantic gorilla!A ferocious animal which lives deep down in the jungle. Somehow, those words didn’t strike a chord with me.Our conversation didn’t go smooth after that.

This was a few days later again, when another friend of mine texted me. I have a preschooler at home, who fancies stories. And who doesn’t fancy the age old fairy tales? She is very much fascinated about SnowWhite, Cinderella, her beautiful flowy gown and the sparkling shoes, and of course the Beauty and the Beast. For some strange reason she likes the beast more than the beauty, I don’t know why! So, when the latest version of “Beauty and the Beast” by Disney was aired in the theaters, we decided to watch it at the one nearby with our lil one over the weekend.

On a Monday, when this friend of mine texted me, an obvious question was ‘What did I do over the weekend?’. So, I told him that we watched “Beauty and the beast”. His reaction wasn’t great either. He asked me, how is it possible that a girl can fall in love with the beast? Are girls really so stupid that they fall in love with a beast? Girls some times fall in love with a beast🦁 and some times kiss a frog 🐸.

I had just one thing to tell him. “Dude! It’s not that girls are silly. They are kinda blessing in disguise, to get the poor men out of trouble. Troubled only because of their stupidity or discourteous and impolite nature!”. His reaction was this 🤐.



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